Emsculpt Neo®

Emsculpt Neo body areasEmsculpt Neo® can be a great solution for individuals looking to change the shape of their body without resorting to a surgical procedure. Many patients seek treatments that can noticeably sculpt their current body shape, but may be concerned about undergoing surgery to meet their goals.

Emsculpt Neo® is a revolutionary technique that avoids surgical methods by using radiofrequency (RF) waves and high intensity electromagnetic (HIFEM) waves to target fat cells, recontour the body, and strengthen muscle tone.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Like CoolSculpting®, Emsculpt Neo® is an innovative and noninvasive procedure that eliminates the need for surgery by targeting and reducing fat cells by other non-surgical means. Our practice uses Emsculpt Neo® to shape muscles, reduce fat, and contour your body without surgery or a risk of damaging any surrounding tissue. Emsculpt Neo® is a quick-acting procedure that utilizes RF and HIFEM waves, often producing rapid and long-lasting results.
Emsculpt Neo® can produce a variety of benefits that patients can enjoy for years ahead. Generally, Emsculpt Neo® targets the abdomen, arms, legs, calves, and buttocks. The overall benefits can include:
  • A limited recovery period and reduced downtime
  • Safe treatment without anesthesia
  • No need for cuts, incisions, or scarring
  • A rapid procedure that typically only takes 30 minutes
  • Elimination of targeted fat cells for good
  • Reshaping and restrengthening of muscles
Generally speaking, Emsculpt Neo® can be a quick, easy, and pain-free process. The overall experience lasts about 30 minutes. Our practice does recommend that a patient receives at least four individual treatments. However, each comprehensive plan will vary based on a patient’s individual needs. The actual process involves placing a configured paddle over the skin of the targeted areas for the full length of the session. Another great aspect of Emsculpt Neo® is that there should be no downtime following the treatment. Patients typically return to work, regular activities, and exercise the same day or the following day.
Results from Emsculpt Neo® do not immediately show following the procedure. Optimal results typically begin appearing within three to four months. For the best results, we recommend that patients receive four separate treatments over a period of time. With a balanced diet and proper exercise, the results from Emsculpt Neo® can last for many years.

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