Dayanna Guerra, R.N.

CoolSculpting Specialist • Aesthetics Nurse Specialist

Dayana Guerra, R.N.
Dayanna joined Bowes Dermatology By Riverchase in 2016 as a Coolsculpting and Aesthetics Specialist. She has undergone extensive, specialized training in all Non-Invasive Fat Removal and Body Sculpting Technologies. She is also trained on the full spectrum of non-invasive Skin Tightening Techniques.

As an Aesthetic Consultant at Bowes Dermatology, Dayanna also functions as an educator to patients who come to Bowes Dermatology seeking aesthetic advice regarding procedures, as well as a proper skincare regimen. Dayanna is committed to offering patients the collective cosmetic experience of Bowes Dermatology By Riverchase, coupled to her unique charm and genuine caring for their well-being and treatment outcome.

Prior to joining Bowes Dermatology By Riverchase, Dayanna graduated from Nursing School and obtained her Associates of Science in Nursing. She excelled in the continuation of her medical training and later on passed the National Certification Exam as a Registered Nurse. She is currently pursuing her Bachelor of Science in the same field. During her school years and medical training, she obtained several certifications in the field, and was recognized 4 times on the Dean's List.